Europecoin Financecloud Token Layer

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EUROPIUM is rhe EUROPECOIN tokenlayer for financial services, on top pf the BTXM / FINANCECLOUD API unification layer. This unification layer unifies all Cryptocurrencies and helps them, to Bridge into payment providers, exchanges, banking services and more.

What is it for?

When it comes to services, like payment, exchange, sales or banking, providers are facing the problem, to have to address each and any coin separately, because they are all different. This makes them to just choose a few popular ones, to reduce their workload. A tokenlayer unifies all ot its membercoins and makes adding more easy. Also does a tokenlayer bundle the power of its membercoins and provides more weight, when it comes to negotiations with service providers. Hardware developers will appreciate the ease of adding just a single layer, to be able, to support a large number of coins in a single step

Who benefits?

- services can add multiple coins in a single integration step - coin maintainers can focus their development, while the tokenlayer takes care of service adoption - crypto communities can enjoy a broader usability of their favorite currencies


Its an unification of all cryprtocurrency functions, like smartcontracts, into a single interface, that is connected to IOT, media, communication and services via an appstore. It is in the prototype state and will be part of the Financecloud API device