Europecoin Financecloud Token Layer


únification infrastucture project

When we switched our DNS, to start the Launch, our server immediately went offline,

rendering an Apache TTL error. Investigations found, that something, had killed our DNS Zone structure..

I hate not keeping promised time frames, but we couldn't help other than fixing the issue first.

Now we managed to get our server and our DNS up and  we can move on, to launch our EUROPIUM TOKEN LAYER

this evening

guess what .... we did it!

Europium is ready to go. So lets connect the server and then ....


A payment layer doesn't make any sense without a decent infratructure.

Most other token layer are lacking the needed infrastructure. The reason is very often, that the isn't any entity particular in charge for taking care of such.

This results in each and every member of the token layer to hope "others" are getting stuff done. Therefor our layer has an  own organization just in charge of taking care of our infrastructure.

Its developing ATM.S, vending modules and in joint venture with us, the FINANCECLOUD API

... the Europecoin Financecloud Crypto Unification Token Layer  - "EUROPIUM".

EUROPIUM is a key technology, enabling us, to connect cryptocurrencies into a single payment and utility layer inside

and outside of the Financecloud API and the Financecloud API Device.